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ADJUST Center Process Approach

Accessibility and Affordability

The ADJUST Center has a two-pronged approach to successfully accelerating diagnostic development and ensuring health equity and justice: our Thinktank and Technology Foundry, both putting increased accessibility and affordability at the top of everything we do.

Working alongside our partners at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and Georgia Institute of Technology, we understand every project has different needs. Contact us today, and we will help you and your team move along. 

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Interdisciplinary teams focus on the advancement of future disease diagnosis through research and advocacy in the following ways:

Generation of research papers, policy & position papers, and technology targets for Technology Foundry assay development projects

Creating community projects to ensure diagnostic social justice and health equity (e.g., Establishing community-based telemedicine resources to help underserved communities.)

Diverse partners and stakeholders including clinical researchers, diagnostics developers, data scientists, public health experts, health equity experts, patient groups, Atlanta/Georgia patient communities, and human factors/design experts.

Providing in-kind diagnostic-related services for faculty

Technology Foundry

Using a well-resourced and experienced diagnostic tech incubator to accelerate diagnostic development through the following resources:

Regulatory Guidance | Early feedback on use indication, clinical study design, and regulatory strategy

Usability and Human Factors | Product assessment and clinical human factors assessments

Sample Access and Assay Testing | SARS-CoV-2 biobank with 10,000+ variants available

Engineering | Manufacturing assessment, coatings, microfludics, micro-machining

Prototyping | Bio-printing, 3D Printing, Microfluidic fabrication

Clinical Validation | Rapid clinical trials within the Atlanta community

Laboratory Validation | Limit of Detection, COVID Variant analysis

Regulatory Implementation | Execution of clinical trials in support of EUA and 510(k)

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